HVAC Coils and Air Handlers

Complete your HVAC system with durable Gibson HVAC coils or air handlers. Our coils and air handlers come in a number of different options that will help you get the very most out of your system’s lifespan and performance capabilities. Most of our outdoor coils are constructed using Micro-Channel coil technology. These innovative coils are all-aluminum and resist corrosion better than traditional copper tube-in-fin HVAC coils. Problems with coil leaks can cause real headaches for homeowners. Our durable HVAC coils are built to withstand corrosion, keep the refrigerant circulating through your unit and continue blowing cool air through your home.

Gibson air handlers come with either variable- or fixed-speed fan blowers. A variable-speed indoor component can mix the air going into your ducts resulting in more even temperatures throughout your home and dependable home comfort. Oftentimes, variable-speed blowers are paired with higher-efficiency HVAC equipment due to their temperature control functions and quiet operation. However, for the more economical solution, you can have a fixed-speed blower installed and receive home comfort satisfaction at a genuine value. Go over your home cooling wants and needs with a local Gibson contractor and decide which option is more in line with your needs.

Gibson air handler

Anteater MC® Micro-Channel Coils

Corrosion – particularly formicary corrosion – is a major cause of HVAC coil leaks. Corrosion can be hard to detect before it causes a major headache. The best way to avoid this is with a preemptive strike – the Anteater MC Micro-Channel coil. With Micro-Channel coils, instances of coil corrosion are cut back drastically due to their innovative design and smart components. By using aluminum for coil construction, as opposed to copper, these coils are more durable against corrosion – eliminate the copper and eliminate formicary corrosion.

Variable-Speed Fan Blower

For more even temperatures and greater home comfort, turn to an air handler with a variable-speed fan blower. These units can mix the air in your ducts in order to provide even temperatures from one room to the next throughout your entire home. Not to mention, a variable-speed motor provides additional dehumidification assistance and operates quietly. These units are often used in higher-efficiency equipment due to their systems features and benefits.

Long Parts Warranty

We back all of our air handlers, like the rest of our hardworking equipment, with a 10-Year Limited All-Parts Warranty when it is installed and registered with your Gibson system. We are confident in the quality of our HVAC coils and air handlers and want you to be satisfied. That is why, when you register your HVAC coils or air handler, we provide long-lasting peace of mind through our long parts warranty.

Proper system matching is crucial for peak performance.

Contact your local Gibson HVAC professional to make sure that the outdoor component of your split system air conditioner or heat pump is matched with the right air handler or HVAC coil.