Gas Furnaces

When you are selecting your new gas furnace, a Gibson unit can be the one to go to if you want excellent performance for a friendly price. Our gas furnaces are manufactured keeping high standards of quality in mind – aided by the uses of Demand Flow Technology™. Each unit is 100% checked to make sure it can withstand all of your heating demands. While other companies may use random testing to check their units, we check each individual unit and eliminate human error with the use of a computer-automated system. We back up our durability claims with a warranty to match. Each Gibson unit is backed by a 10-Year Limited All-Parts Warranty when the unit is registered.

Gibson gas furnace

80% AFUE and 95.1% AFUE Fixed-Speed, Two-Stage Gas Furnaces

For more even temperatures and high-quality indoor air, turn to the 80% or 95.1% AFUE fixed-speed, two-stage gas furnace. When temperatures are milder, the two-stage operation of these furnaces can really come in handy. These furnaces can operate at a lower capacity for a longer period of time to regulate the temperature of your home. When your furnace is running at the lower capacity it operates more quietly and has a longer time to mix the air in your home.

The difference between the two different units is energy efficiency. AFUE measure how efficiently your heating unit is able to convert the energy put into the unit into useful heating power. If you live in an area with a longer heating season, a higher efficiency unit – like the 95.1% AFUE unit – can be the one to go with.

80% AFUE, 92.1% AFUE and 95% AFUE Fixed-Speed, Single-Stage Gas Furnaces

These fixed-speed, single-stage gas furnaces can cover all of your basic heating needs at the best value. The range of efficiencies means our furnaces are flexible, hardworking and suited to any homeowner. If you live in an area of the country that has a longer heating season, a high-efficiency unit can be the best one to go with. On the other hand, if you live in an area that has a very short heating season, you can make do with a base efficiency, 80% AFUE gas furnace. Regardless, all three are great upgrades from older, less efficient furnaces. All three also come in a wide array of installation location possibilities – downflow, uplow or horizontal. So, regardless of your budget or installation requirements, one of these gas furnaces can meet your needs.

Your gas furnace’s quality is a sum of the parts and components put into it.

Each Gibson gas furnace is constructed with a heavy-gauge, scratch-resistant cabinet that can protect the important, interior components of your system. Not to mention, we include industry-leading technology that helps extend the life of one of the most crucial components of your furnace – the ignitor. Our SmartLite® technology can learn your system’s startup characteristics in order to extend ignitor life.

Your gas furnace is crucial for home comfort during the winter.

Make sure you choose a unit that can meet your heating demands and last for years. Your local Gibson gas furnace expert can set you up with a hardworking, efficient gas furnace.